Featured Baker: Christy Bowers

Christy is an amateur baker living just north of Dallas/Ft. Worth, but originally from Louisiana where her family has been for centuries. Her family tree roots back to the late 1690s.

She will be bringing some traditional southern flavors to Cupcake Camp Dallas this year; red velvet and peach cobbler along with licorice cupcakes and Yellow Rose cupcakes (featuring Landon Winery’s Yellow Rose wine).

Christy’s secrets: “A great cupcake has to be moist; nothing can kill cake like dry and stale does. My tip would be to use fresh ingredients. Anything less can be tasted almost immediately.”

Website:  www.sugarrushgoodies.com
Twitter: @Run2Bake

Featured Baker: Jessica Reddick

We were fortunate to have Jessica join us last year at Cupcake Camp Dallas, and she will be bringing her tasty treats again this year!

Are you a pro or amateur baker? Amateur

This year, our theme is “Frosting, the international language of love.”  We’re all Texans now, but tell us a little bit about your heritage!  I grew up in North Texas; Denison, to be specific. Now, I’m back in Denison! After graduating from TCU, I moved home to work in the family mail order business.

What type of cupcake will you be bringing to Cupcake Camp Dallas? One with a sinful frosting to go along with the theme!

Tell us about your experience with CCD 2011: Cupcake Camp Dallas 2011 was so much fun! Besides overdosing on cake and frosting, I got to meet fans of my blog, made a lot of new friends and networked like crazy. :)

What makes a great cupcake? Besides a superior taste, a great cupcake has a moist crumb and a smooth frosting.

Website: http://mybakingheart.com
Twitter: @hornedfroggy
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mybakingheart

A Bit About the Venue

We are very happy to be hosting the event at St. Marks School of Texas in the Hicks Athletic Center!

St. Mark’s School of Texas
10600 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230


Dedicated in the fall of 2000, the Hicks Athletic Center is the varsity competition gymnasium for basketball and volleyball. The building was named for the family of St. Mark’s Trustee and benefactor Thomas O. HIcks, and includes two regulation basketball courts, two varsity locker rooms, athletic offices, meeting rooms, and concession facilities.