Cupcake Camp Dallas will be here in less than one week!  Tickets are available for purchase online now.  There is a small credit card fee, but we encourage you to purchase tickets in advance to avoid longer lines in processing payments at the event.

Special thanks to Cupcakes2You, who will be one of the professional bakers bringing cupcakes on Saturday!  Read more about them below:

Are you a pro or amateur baker? Pro baker

What type of cupcake will you be bringing to Cupcake Camp Dallas?  Sweet potato cupcake w/sweet potato spice filling topped w/cream cheese frosting sprinkled w/caramelized pecans and another specialty.

Why do you want to be part of Cupcake Camp Dallas? We LOVE baking, especially CUPCAKES and what better way to raise money than to bring the world together, one cupcake at a time.

What makes a great cupcake? Moist cake w/a creamy frosting thats not too sweet

What’s your favorite cupcake flavor? Red velvet

Do you have a favorite cupcake memory? coming home from school and being surprised by the sweet smell of cupcakes coming right out of the oven that my mom baked.

Got a good cupcake tip? never over bake…if the recipe calls for 20 minutes, only bake them for 20 minutes

Twitter: @Cupcakes2Youu
Facebook: Cupcakes2You