Featured Baker: Sweet Art Bakery

We are proud to have Sweet Art Bakery join us this year.  Owner Sarah Halterman is sure to bring some delicious treats for us in June!
  • This year, our theme is “Frosting, the international language of love.”  We’re all Texans now, but tell us a little bit about your heritage!  Where did you grow up?  Where do you live now? I grew up in Chicago, Atlanta and southern California but have been a Texan for about 17 years and been in business in McKinney for 5 yrs.
  • What type of cupcake will you be bringing to Cupcake Camp Dallas? We’ll be bringing some delicious ones! :) Strawberry jalapeno, Peanut butter banana, Triple chocolate, Beer and pretzel,…and more!
  • Tell us what you are looking forward to in your first Cupcake Camp Dallas! I was not a part of last year’s camp, but I’m always looking for fun new ways to give back to the community and love to stay active in the baking/decorating scene. An employee of mine attends culinary school and she got the info through one of her classes.
  • What makes a great cupcake? A light, airy cake that has the perfect ratio of cake to frosting
  • Got a good cupcake tip? Never refrigerate your cupcakes. It tends to tighten the crumb and make them heavier and more dense. Store them in an airtight container instead