What is Cupcakes for a Cause?
Cupcakes for a Cause (formerly Cupcake Camp Dallas) is a cupcake fundraising event for charity.  Basically, we create an event where cupcakes get donated, and you come to eat cupcakes. All proceeds from the event go to support LEAP Global Missions, a Dallas-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides free specialized surgical care to children living in impoverished regions around the world. To learn more about this organization, visit leapmissions.org

Can I buy or sell cCCD 2013 Cupcakes Unknown 17upcakes at the event?
No. Cupcakes for a Cause is for people who want to bring cupcakes and share with others for a good cause.

Do you rent booths to vendors?
No, we do not rent booths to vendors as we want to maintain the focus of the event, bringing cupcakes to share with others and raising funds for a good cause.

Can I attend if I don’t bring cupcakes?
Yes! While bringing cupcakes is encouraged, we need people to eat cupcakes, too.

Do we bake or decorate our cupcakes at the event?
No, your cupcakes should be prepared and ready to go before the event.

Want to donate cupcakes?
We’re asking you to donate a minimum of 72 cupcakes. The more cupcakes we have, the more we have to share, the more we can donate!
Visit our Baker Information page to register as a Participating Baker if you’d like to donate cupcakes. Also, check out our Participate page for other ways that you can help out!

Can’t bake but want to donate cupcakes?
You can buy cupcakes and donate them. Don’t know where to get some? We can refer some bakers to you.