Dallas Cake Club is back again with a top donation of 350 cupcakes. These “Master Bakers” are full of energy and excitement. If you are interested in joining the club or visiting, Dallas Cake Club gets together every second Tuesday of the month at Cake Carousel in Richardson TX, at 6:30pm. The next meeting is August 12th, all first time meetings are free! CupcakeCamp2012
Are You A Pro or Amateur Baker?
We are a great mixture of both! Our members include professional bakers who have competed on Food Network Challenges, to local bakery owners, Cottage Home Bakery Operators, moms who love to bake, beginners, to people who love cakedecorating and baking as a hobby!
This year, our theme is “Taste the Sweetness of Summer” What do you find most sweet about summer?
Dallas Cake Club Meetings of course! We love getting together once a month to share stories, tips and tools, demos and so so much more! We do events for Icing Smiles, Bucker House Charities, and more on a monthly basis. We even plan fun events like our North Texas Cake Show that took place at the start of summer!

What type of cupcake will you be bringing to Cupcakes for a Cause?

SO SO MANY! We have about a dozen members of the club donating cupcakes, So expect at least a dozen different flavors!


If you were a part of Cupcakes for a Cause last year, tell us a little bit about your experience.  If not, tell us how you heard about Cupcakes for a Cause. 

As a club, we both participated last year and had individual members there supporting their own bakeries! One of our members visited the event the very first year, and had to get the club interested the following years. This year we have an even bigger team with incredible talent, as well as members who will have their own separate booths!
What Makes a Great Cupcake?
Love and passion for what you do! A cupcake made with love tastes 100 times better than a cupcakes made with “meh”.