Featured Baker: CupCake FabuLous

We are very happy that CupCake FabuLous will be joining us again this year!  We are looking forward to what Meleah will be bringing to the party!

Are you a pro or amateur baker?  I would say a little of both, I am constantly learning new things.   The cupcake is always being reinvented and I love the creativity that comes with baking.

This year, our theme is “Frosting, the international language of love.”  We’re all Texans now, but tell us a little bit about your heritage!  Where did you grow up?  Where do you live now?  I’m a born and raised Texas girl.  I was born in Longview, Texas and lived there until my family moved to Dallas when I was 11.  I’ve been in the Dallas area ever since with the exception of a job transfer to Colorado for a year.  My family currently resides in Wylie, Texas.

What type of cupcake will you be bringing to Cupcake Camp Dallas? We are still working on this, but definitely our new Chocolate Cream Cheese CupCake and sticking with the frosting theme a Mouse Frosting filled CupCake!
If you were a part of Cupcake Camp Dallas last year, tell us a little bit about your experience.  We had a wonderful time last year, it was great to see so many bakers come together for such a wonderful cause.  It was not only tons of fun, but raised funds for such a wonderful organization.  We are really excited about being able to participate again this year.

What makes a great cupcake? I think my answer may be the same as last year, but a moist cupcake is the absolute best!  And a creamy, light frosting also can’t be beat.

Got a good cupcake tip?  If you are using bright colored liners with chocolate batter or a darker colored batter, double line your cupcake pan so the color will be visible after they bake.