Featured Baker: Margaret Bradley

Margaret is a first time Cupcake Camp Dallas amateur baker who will be creating delicious sweets from her own kitchen. She was born and raised in North East Texas in the small town of Mt. Pleasant. She currently lives in Carrollton, TX with my husband and two year old son.

This year, she plans on topping her secret cakes with different frostings that go with this year’s theme, “Frosting: The international language of love.”

Margaret heard about Cupcake Camp Dallas last year from her college sorority Big Sis, Melissa Holiday (Amateur Baker Best Overall Cupcake Winner).  This year, Margaret is excited to bake alongside Melissa.

Her tip: Do your baking when you are happy. You will take your time and try harder to make them taste and look good.

Her advice on what makes a good cupcake: When making a cake that calls for fruit, I always add just a liitle more than the recipe calls for. For example, if it calls for three bananas, I put in 4. If a recipe calls for 2 cups of strawberries I might add 2 and 1/4 cups. I find it keeps the cake moist longer.