Melissa Barker is a veteran of Cupcakes for a Cause and back again this year! We are excited to see what she brings, thank you for your donation.

This year, our theme is “Taste the Sweetness of Summer” What do you find most sweet about summer?  

Warm days and cold drinks!

What type of cupcake will you be bringing to Cupcakes for a Cause? 
Something exceptionally summery!

If you were a part of Cupcakes for a Cause last year, tell us a little bit about your experience.  If not, tell us how you heard about Cupcakes for a Cause.              
I have been a part of Cupcake Camp for the last two years. I have watched this event learn and grow and become bigger and better each time!

What makes a great cupcake?     
A great cupcake only knows its true potential when met by a hungry tummy.